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Common Ground

Coffee shop Chronicles to Warm Your Heart and Soul

September 2018

Have you ever wanted a glimpse into the heart of God? Who could have guessed that His character could be found in a coffee shop, over conversation and a warm cup of your favorite drink? In Common Ground the stories of ordinary people are shared with unique lessons for life, inspired by the Word of God. This book will take you inside some of those coffee experiences to inspire you and challenge you to be more intentional in your relationships with God and other people. Let the ideas of these unique collection of devotional thoughts take your walk with God to a richer, deeper, more robust level.

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Solid Ground 
Coffee Shop Chronicles to Anchor Your Heart and Soul

God is our rock! He is a firm foundation for our lives. In this collection of devotional stories, you will read of the miraculous way God has moved in people's lives. He provides the only solid ground on which to anchor our lives.

Higher Ground

Coffee Shop Chronicles to Lift Your Heart and Soul


In Jan's most recent and third book of the Coffee Shop Chronicles trilogy, you will find thirty stories of how God brought people to a place of Higher Ground through healing, restoring heart and soul, and revealing His thoughts and ways. 

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