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We KNOW the Cure

I was sitting in a vibrating massage chair with my toes swirling in a bath of bubbling warm water. I was looking forward to a greatly needed pedicure, but I was finding it hard to relax. Behind my head was a TV tuned into national news. Blaring over the speakers was the report of more cases of the Corona Virus and the dangers and fears the whole thing was creating. Many websites and news media platforms had been sharing precautionary measures that each of us should use to stay proactive in protecting ourselves against the virus. These announcements resulted in a run on the pharmacy and health aid shelves, leaving them empty of all the hand-sanitizer products, masks, bottles of rubbing alcohol and aloe vera gel.

I couldn’t help reflecting on it all. Somewhere between digging a hole and preparing for the Apocalypse and declaring, “I trust God no matter what!” is the middle ground of being prepared and giving our fears to God. Like many people around the world, we are determined to abandon the handshakes and hugs for fist bumps and elbow rubs. We are stocking up on a few things, but nothing too different than what we would reserve for any unforeseen emergency for which we should always be prepared. We plan to be aware of touching doorknobs, using public facilities, and being around people who are coughing or sneezing.

It did make me wonder…If we knew Jesus was coming tomorrow, would our behavior change? Would the Bibles be flying off the shelves as people desired to protect themselves with God’s truths? Would Christians be working together to spread the life-giving antidote to a dying world? Here are some parallels to prevention I put together for us:

Precautions for Covid-19

1) Sanitize our hands

2) Avoid travel (especially to areas where known cases have occurred) 3) Consult your doctor in case of possible symptoms

4) Sneeze into a disposable tissue when possible (into your elbow at worst)

5) Keep your hands from touching your mouth, nose, and eye areas

6) Beware of the scams which are claiming cures, asking for funding, and preying on the innocent

Assurance of Eternal Life

1) Purify our hearts

2) Avoid traveling down the path to temptation (we know where those places are!)

3) Consult the Great Physician for life-robbing symptoms (fear, guilt, discouragement...)

4) Let the blood of he Lamb cover your sins

5) Fill your eyes, ears, and mind with whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, and praiseworthy (Phil. 4:8)

6) Be of sober mind, watching out for the enemy who is prowling like a roaring lion (I Peter 5:8)

Over the next few weeks and months, there will be those who go into hiding. Others will heed the advice of the experts. Still others may be sucked in by con artists who are trying to make a quick buck. The same applies to our spiritual walk. There are those who put their heads in the sand--content to have their own salvation, but fearful of offending someone with their message. Others will seek out wise counsel. Still others will be sucked into the world and its confusing yet often convincing pull away from God’s foundational truths.

Scientists around the world are uniting tirelessly to find an antidote for the Corona Virus and its strains. When the cure is created, there will be a great announcement and much rejoicing. We know the remedy for the pain and ailments of sin—Jesus! We should be declaring and shouting and joyfully sharing the Good News with everyone! Are you prepared to give the reason for the hope you have? (I Peter 3:15)

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